Have you ever felt the rush of walking on or climbing up an active volcano?

Along the Pacific Rim of Fire, there are a lot of volcanoes that are constantly erupting and making some noise quite literally. You have your Hawaiian volcanoes; the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vanuatu are prime destinations with volcanoes both dormant and active dotting the landscape. That’s not all. There are places in Europe, Africa, and even the US that have volcanoes—dormant or otherwise.

While other people would rather climb mountains, we beg to differ. We climb volcanoes. It’s a challenge for us, especially since volcanoes feature a rather different challenge. The valleys and pathways have been shaped by the flow of lava. There’s the chance that it may even rumble when you’re climbing. However, of course, we respect that fact; we don’t plan trips whenever a volcano is suspected to erupt or if it is showing signs of unrest.

This website is meant to be a resource for climbers looking for a different kind of challenge. We encourage you to use our website to find where to climb, what to expect, and the best time to climb. We also feature safety tips and gears that we recommend for your volcano experience.