There are many exercises a person can do and one of these is climbing a mountain or trekking. This is especially perfect if you love the outdoors and you love feeling the cool breeze on your face and the sun on your skin. You can also show off to someone you’re trying to impress—a boss, a friend, even a lady friend you’re smitten with.

However, you’re going to need to tone that showing off down. Here’s how you should climb if you’re a beginner.

Choose the Right Trail

There are different trails on a mountain path. There are trails that are far easier than others to traverse; these are known as beginner trails and they aren’t as complicated as those which are for intermediate climbers. Beginner trails feature very few paths with steep inclines. You should choose these trails especially if you’re only beginning with trekking, or you risk making your initial climbing experience bad.

Always Know the Weather

Be aware how the weather is. You never know how the path will be when it’s wet and damp. You should always see to it that you’re ready for whatever that may happen, but make sure to be safe. Don’t push through with a hiking trip if the weather turns sour. If you must, seek shelter. It’s better to hike during a warm sunny day, when you can be sure that your footing is secure.

Know the Trail by Heart

If you’ve already climbed a trail, chances are that you’re going to be choosing that again when climbing. Doing so will give you confidence that you can take the trail. It will also add to your safety and security by walking on a trail that you know each step of the way. Never try out a trail without first asking anyone about it or, in the case of beginners, climbing with a guide.

The Right Shoes

Climbing mountains requires a different set of footwear. You won’t be wearing boots to a marathon, would you? The same applies to hiking and trekking. Look for a good pair of shoes that offer traction and grip even on slippery surfaces. There are specialty shoes designed for hiking and trekking that are sold in specialty shops. It’s best to invest in footwear such as these.

The Right Gear

Trekking in the summer would require you to wear clothes for the season. It’s best not to wear cotton as it would soak up your sweat. You should wear light clothing. Pads on your arms and legs would be advisable to guard against scratches and scrapes. You should also pack light—you wouldn’t want the extra weight of a heavy backpack bogging you down as you make your way through the mountain.

Let Someone Know Where you are

While mountaineers and hikers of the modern age have learned to invest in GPS, you should be active enough to let someone know where you’ll be going. This is especially helpful if you’re planning on hiking or trekking on a familiar trail by yourself. In case something happens or there’s an emergency, your family will know where to look for you or where to contact you.

The season for hiking can definitely be any season, as long as the conditions are good and the weather is fine. Take up hiking today—you won’t regret it!