When you go on a vacation, the first thing you’ll think of is how to rent transportation when you arrive and how to do it without breaking the bank. There are lots of ways you can do that—there are deals available for affordable accommodations, airfare deals, and deals for traveling in a car. Traveling on a budget is a good way of making sure you have money to spend on vacation.

If you absolutely need a car, here’s how you do it and save. You can’t spend that vacation traveling on foot and tiring yourself out when you should be relaxing.

Take Tabs of Prices

Car rental companies operate on the notion that there are a lot of other companies that may have better rates. There’s no clear process on how these prices are calculated—what’s clear is that it benefits the car rental company. You can’t bypass this, but perhaps, you can get some benefit yourself by choosing the rental company with the best price available. The money you’ll save can be used for other purposes and costs.

Don’t Rent Cars from the Airport

When you arrive at the airport, you want to go to your accommodation as fast as possible. Airport rentals operate on this notion and, because of that fact, you are charged more than you’d normally pay. That’s why—even if it is very comfortable to do so—you should hold off from renting a car straight from the airport. It’s more convenient to take a cab from the airport to your accommodationand find a rental car from there than rent one from the airport as soon as you arrive.

Insurance—youwon’tneed it more than You Think You Do

When you rent a car, you’ll be given the option to be insured. While this is a good idea and you should really opt for insurance, most of the time, you shouldn’t. A good tip would be to avoid paying insurance if you’re only staying at a place for a short period of time. If you’re staying longer than, say, a week or two, by all means do get insured. However, if you want to save on a week-long vacation, you can avoid paying extra by not availing of insurance.

Choose your Car

The prices also depend on the car you’d be using. Normally, small cars are more economic; you won’t have to pay a premium to have it topped-off before and after you use it. You shouldn’t be too choosy when you rent a car, so definitely go for a rental car that will fit in with your travel budget. If the rental company you’re talking to doesn’t have your choice, you should also choose a different company.

Read the Fine Print

Most vacationers choose to pay up-front then suddenly get surprised by hidden fees and charges. You should first check the rules and regulations for your rental car before you choose it. When you check these, you get to know what you’re paying for, what the extra costs are, and you also get to avoid any unnecessary fees and nasty surprises.

Make the most of your vacation by choosing your car rental properly. By doing this, you’re making sure you enjoy the most out of your vacation. You also leave behind the stress of making your budget fit.