A special treat for hikers would be to conquer Vesuvius, the ancient volcano found in the tale of Pompeii and located in Italy.

The volcano is located east of Naples, Italy, and possesses a big, conical shape that has a caldera-like opening at the summit. Perhaps it was the effect of its catastrophic eruption, the result of which is the ruins of the former Roman town of Pompeii. Everyone knows what happened to the town and it is an added bonus for hikers and trekkers who want to climb the volcano and savor the experience.

That eruption happened in 79 AD and Pompeii wasn’t the only victim of it; the ancient city of Herculaneum was also engulfed in super-heated gas, smoke, and fallout from the eruption. The explosion can be compared to about a hundred-thousand Hiroshima bombs exploding all at once. The catastrophic eruption left almost no survivors, although there is a historical eyewitness account of the destruction, sent to the Roman historian Tacitus.

When traversing Mount Vesuvius, trekkers should take of its conical structure and that it has a steep ascent nearing the caldera. The cone is collapsed and trekkers and hikers alike should take note that the summit is a rough climb, a perfect challenge for seasoned climbers as well as trekkers who love trials.